Has Your Driveway Seen Better Days?

Has Your Driveway Seen Better Days?  

What Is Involved with Concrete Driveway Resurfacing?

Concrete driveway resurfacing

can give driveways a new finish without replacing the entire driveway. The process will save money due to the fact all new concrete is not needed. This option will allow homeowners to repair any cracked or sunken sections on pre-existing driveways. Stamping and decorative concrete finishes are now possible to customize a driveway.

The standard repair process for concrete slabs means breaking up and removing the old material. New concrete will then be poured, a driveway done using this process can be very expensive and extremely labor-intensive, more so when it is larger. By contrast, resurfacing will use the pre-existing concrete structure as its base.

The concrete resurfacing material will be poured straight over the pre-existing concrete surface. The base must be completely clean and have no loose concrete or debris, as this will interfere with how the resurfacing material sticks. A repair material will be used first to cover all the cracks, indentations, and other such blemishes on a pre-existing driveway. Then the refinishing material will be applied over the whole surface and is finished with decorative elements desired.

Concrete resurfacing will work better on driveways that have minor damage. This method will not repair any structural issues. Any major cracks beneath the ground will resurface eventually when concrete resurfacing is done. With these situations, you will need a complete removal and new concrete poured over.

The materials used for concrete resurfacing can be found in most home improvement stores. Different products will work better in different applications. For example, a thin surfacing product will work better for smaller projects, while a project which needs a thicker resurfacing layer will need more substantial material. Package directions will offer

more informationon the best application for a specific job. If you are looking for a

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